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Karrotz Beginning. 

We began in very early 2018 as a start-up however we launched in September of 2018 officially online. The brand is all about Made In Italy and England and also sometimes China, however this is because the manufacturer we work with in China are some of the very best in production in the region. We stand on that and we will uphold that ethic forever. Our prime focus is accessories. Our inspirations are the great Italian and French couture brands with an everyday yet elegant twist and inputting that to accessories. Our accessories we feel, are important especially jewellery coupled with our sunglasses and other accessories also Made In Italy, England or China. As a signature brand we feel a woman with no accessories isn't fully dressed this can be said for the casual sportswoman to the busy yet very elegant executive. Accessories being our more expensive pieces we price accordingly. We are very purse friendly with our price points. So please enjoy and shop and if you sign up to our mailing list then we will send you updates on new pieces and our new events happening near you or around the globe. 


We offer women's  accessories, jewellery and we intend to begin manufacturing shoes however this will be in the very near future. Karrotz by M is a quirky yet glamorous aesthetic  we focus on adding glamour through our accessories that adorn your clothing to accentuate the female figure whether it be at lunch with the girls or by the pool. 

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